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Preparedness Is Not A Luxury;
It’s A Necessity

Trade panic for preparedness and face
the unexpected with confidence.

Let’s face it, emergency preparedness often gets sidelined when life gets busy, and we understand that you already have a lot on your plate.

That’s why we’re here to guide you every step of the way with actionable tasks designed to help you prepare for emergencies and disasters with ease.

A new edition of the Preppers & Survivalists: The Newsletter For Normies Who Just Don’t Want To Panic newsletter goes out every Sunday morning with weekly assignments to bolster your preparedness and ensure the safety of your family, pets, business, and employees.

Whether you’re a seasoned prepper or new to the survivalist scene, you’ve found your tribe! Join our community, where we share insights, tips, and a bit of humor to what can be an overwhelming topic.

Come to the prepper and survivalist side.
We’ve got checklists.

And cheat sheets. And courses. And maybe some bad jokes, but we’re serious about ensuring you, your loved ones, and your pets are as prepared as possible!

Our free Family Emergency Plan Checklist will help you create a thorough and effective emergency plan tailored to your family’s unique needs and circumstances because, well, you deserve some peace of mind, dang it.

It also doesn’t hurt that you’ll get to see our work. We can’t expect you to trust us without proof that we’re legit, right?

In addition to the free Checklist we’re shamelessly trying to bribe you with, we include discount codes, advanced notices of events (mostly online), and a weekly resource round-up.

Bonus ducks!