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Have you ever wondered (or critiqued) how your favorite fictional characters would fare in a real-life survival situation?

At Survival Tales & S’more, we’re not just flipping pages; we’re flipping the script on how you approach your book club experience and roasting marshmallows of wisdom over the flames of knowledge.

Why Survival Fiction?

We believe that every survival scenario is an opportunity to learn and grow, and what better way to explore those scenarios than through the lens of gripping, edge-of-your-seat fiction? Yes, preparedness can be as exciting as a plot twist in your favorite novel.

Whether it’s a post-apocalyptic tale, a wilderness adventure, or a dystopian drama, we’ve got it covered!

What We Offer:

📖 Diverse Book Selections
Explore gripping survival fiction novels that cover a range of scenarios and challenges. From post-apocalyptic landscapes to wilderness adventures, we dive into stories that spark your imagination and prompt discussions on practical preparedness.

📚 Self-Paced Online Check-Ins
Connect with like-minded readers in our impromtu book club meetings, whether online or in person. Discuss the books, share your thoughts, and exchange valuable insights on how fiction can inspire real-world readiness on your own time, at your own pace.

🔥 Campfire Chats
Join our virtual “Campfire Chats” where we discuss not only the books but also share personal preparedness experiences, tips, and anecdotes. It’s a chance to build a supportive community that values both storytelling and survival skills.

Are you ready to embark on literary adventures that not only entertain but also prepare you for the unexpected? Join our unique book club and online community where survival fiction meets real-world readiness!

Come to the prepper and survivalist side.
We’ve got a book club.

What are you waiting for? Grab a virtual s’more, settle in, and let’s dive into a world where stories spark preparedness!