Why freak out when the unexpected happens when you can be confident and ready?

Welcome to Rising Storm Studios, the online home of a dynamic mom, son, and daughter trio. We’re not just a pun-tastic, dad-joke-loving family; we’re your prepping pals here to guide you through the wild world of emergency preparedness.

Our newsletter, Preppers & Survivalists: The Newsletter For Normies Who Just Don’t Want To Panic, is your ticket to the coolest club in town – where preparedness meets practicality and prepping and survivalism come together in a perfect, holistic rainbow of readiness.

What do you get?

Our newsletter – nay, our entire body of work for this project – is crafted with individuals like you in mind who prioritize preparedness for your family in the face of potential emergencies and disasters.

At the core of our efforts is our complimentary #52WeekPrepperChallenge, accessible online through our social media platforms and documented in Preppers & Survivalists: The Newsletter For Normies Who Just Don’t Want To Panic. Every week, we deliver actionable tasks aimed at guiding you through preparations and training for potential emergencies and disasters.

We break down prepping into bite-sized, manageable chunks because, let’s face it, panicking is exhausting. And then stuff gets misplaced, or you realize you forgot to get something, and – ugh – you’ve got enough to deal with every day already.

Who is this for?

It doesn’t matter if you reside in suburban areas or urban centers, you understand the critical importance of readiness. With various threats, such as natural disasters and societal unrest looming, you’re seeking a structured weekly plan to boost your resilience.

We make sure to include information tailored to pet owners, potential health issues or disabilities, and those embarking on bug out vehicle projects from no-build to full-on conversions, providing assignments to bolster your preparedness and ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Whether you are a seasoned prepper or just dipping your toes into the survivalist waters for the first time, you’ve found your tribe. Join our community, where we share insights, tips, and a dash of humor to keep things light.

And because you’re awesome, we’re throwing in a free checklist!

Our Family Emergency Plan Checklist will help you create a thorough and effective emergency plan tailored to your family’s unique needs and circumstances because, well, you deserve some peace of mind, dang it.

It also doesn’t hurt that you’ll get to see our work. We can’t expect you to trust us without proof that we’re legit, right?

Come to the prepper and survivalist side.
We’ve got checklists.

And cheat sheets. And courses. And maybe some bad jokes, but we’re serious about ensuring you, your loved ones, and your pets are as prepared as possible!

A new edition of the Preppers & Survivalists: The Newsletter For Normies Who Just Don’t Want To Panic newsletter goes out every Sunday morning. In addition to the free Checklist we’re shamelessly trying to bribe you with, we include discount codes, advanced notices of events (mostly online), and a weekly resource round-up.

Bonus ducks!