20-Minute Family Emergency Plan


This Planner is a tool that adapts to your pace, allowing you to take control of your family’s safety and well-being one day at a time. Each 20-minute block ensures you can achieve comprehensive preparedness without overwhelming your schedule.



Are you a parent juggling work, kids, pets, and countless responsibilities but still want your family to be prepared for the unexpected?

In the chaos of daily life, our 20-Minute Family Emergency Plan shines as a beacon of simplicity and effectiveness. This planner is designed for parents who understand the importance of emergency readiness but have limited time.

  • Adaptability to Your Lifestyle
    Your life is unique, and so is your planner. It adapts to your pace, letting you take command of your family’s safety, one day at a time. No more overwhelm! Each 20-minute task is crafted for achievability.
  • Comprehensive Preparedness, Minus the Fuss
    This planner is part of our 30 Days Of Preparedness series, ensuring you’re ready for anything without disrupting your schedule. A mere 20 minutes a day translates into comprehensive preparedness that sticks.
  • Tailored for the Busy Parent
    Children, pets, aging parents – we understand. This planner isn’t about adding to your plate; it’s your companion, making family safety fit seamlessly into your busy life.
  • Navigate Uncertainties with Confidence
    Life is full of surprises, but your preparedness plan shouldn’t be. Make every moment count, ensuring your family faces the unexpected with confidence and resilience.
Don’t miss this chance to make preparedness a breeze. Grab your 20-Minute Family Emergency Plan now and enjoy stress-free readiness. Become part of a community transforming how families prepare, one 20-minute block at a time. Invest in peace of mind today!