Ready, Set, Survive! A 20-Week Preppers Journey (Payment Plan)


This course guides you through a structured 20-week program designed to enhance your survival skills. Each week, from mastering essential techniques to advanced strategies, is a step toward self-reliance and preparedness. Yes, Additional Support is available during this Course!

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Master essential skills, build community, and thrive through 20 transformative weeks of resilience training. Progress through a step-by-step program covering essential prepping and survival skills.


Whether new to survivalism or revisiting your plans, this course offers a structured 20-week program designed for practical preparedness. From building family safety fundamentals to mastering crisis management, join other like-minded parents and empower yourself with expert guidance.

Transform uncertainty into capability with actionable steps and gain the confidence to thrive in any scenario.

This extensive 20-week program is crafted for practical preparedness, with each week seamlessly building upon the lessons of the previous. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Weeks 1-8: The Foundation
    Basics of preparing for natural disasters, power outages, and other immediate threats, understanding and maintaining essential tools and equipment, alternative energy sources,
    navigation and orientation, communication, shelter and housing, resource management, and personal and community security.
  • Weeks 9-12: Health & Wellness
    Basic medical knowledge and first-aid skills, techniques for storing and preserving food and water, sanitation and hygiene, and psychological resilience.
  • Weeks 13-15: Intermediate Survival
    Learning to live off the land, find food, and purify water in the wilderness, cooking without modern appliances, and identifying edible plants and hunting for food when necessary.
  • Week 16-18 – Building Your Community
    Establishing relationships with neighboring prepper groups and communities, creating roles and responsibilities within the group, defining the decision-making processes, and bartering and trade agreements.
  • Week 19-20: Up & At ‘Em
    Understanding the legal aspects of prepping and survivalism and establishing a plan for continuous learning.

Imagine a future where uncertainty doesn’t haunt your thoughts
but fuels your confidence instead.


Ready, Set, Survive: A 20-Week Prepper’s Journey isn’t just a course – it’s your ticket to mastering practical preparedness. Enroll now, and let’s transform the unknown into a journey of capability, resilience, and peace.

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